DIY Insulation and Drywall Project

If you are thinking about doing some home improvement work and have a little cash, why not consider installing insulation and drywall yourself. It is always better to have the project done correctly the first time and by a qualified contractor or two. However, if you are like many homeowners with little to no experience, it can be intimidating to tackle this home improvement task. Often, it seems like you will run into the same problems over with DIY projects. Whether it is flashing, mold, poor joint installation, or a lack of material selection; these are the mistakes that you can avoid by choosing to do it yourself.

One mistake that many do it yourselfers make is using a cheap, low quality belt grinder. A poor quality belt grinder is capable of costing homeowners hundreds even thousands of dollars in repair costs because the poor quality sealant used to cover the seams often wears away or bogs the machine up. There is a much easier way to install your own drywall and insulation. By using a belt grinder, you will save money on professional fees and install the project yourself saving you valuable time.

For most do it yourself projects, you will need to purchase the necessary materials. For this DIY insulation and drywall project you will need: two panels of pvc pipe, one panel of wood, two rubber feet (or so pads), a Brad nailer, utility knife, masking tape, safety goggles, tape measure, pencil, drill, nails, screws, and wood shims. In addition, depending on how extensive your DIY insulation and drywall project may be, you may also want to purchase some additional tools such as a high speed electric sander, a propane torch, a hammer, chisels, nippers, and tape measures. If you decide to install the insulation and drywall yourself; however, always remember safety. Never work around flammable things or flammable objects while working on your DIY insulation and drywall project.

The first thing you will want to do is gather your materials. If you plan on doing this on your own without help, then make sure you have all the materials you will need before you begin. The two types of panels you will need are the PVC pipe panel and the two rubber feet. These materials can be purchased at any home improvement store. Once you have these items gathered you will want to start your project by installing the two PVC pipes on the outside of the frame.

Next you will want to measure the area where you want your insulation and drywall to go. You should take your measurements at least six inches wider and longer than the width of the door you plan on installing the panels into. This will give you the room you need to cut your two pieces of PVC pipe for the frame. After you have your two pieces of pipe in hand, you will want to measure the length that you will need. This measurement is important when you purchase your two rubber feet from your homemade belt plans. They will come in two different sizes; the larger one is used as the bottom of the door and the smaller one will be used as a foot rest on your door.

After you have the two pieces of PVC pipe installed and the two rubber feet measured, you will be ready to purchase your two grinding tools. The two grinding tools you will need to complete your DIY insulation and drywall project are a belt grinder and a router. Using the two grinding tools you will be able to cut holes for your insulation and drywall into the frame of your door. You should always start out with the two smallest wheels first so that you do not grind into any of the larger rubber feet.

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